Ms. Tammy Burrows

Tammy Burrows

Two score and nine years ago, her parents brought forth the decree that she would be enrolled in piano lessons. Tammy had no idea what lay in store for her. There would be hours of practice over the years but in exchange she would be rewarded with a priceless gift: the ability to play an instrument. Whether to warm the heart on a cold day or venting frustration at a challenging day, Tammy discovered that music had lifelong benefits. 

Now she enjoys empowering young people to enjoy music through the piano. A classroom teacher for over 35 years in grades of K-4, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th-8th as well as a piano teacher for over 20 years, Tammy loves engaging students whether in Bible, History, or Music for all are backdrops for learning life lessons and bringing glory to God. When not teaching, Tammy enjoys hanging out with her three grown daughters and five grandchildren.

Tammy holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum Design & Instruction (2013) from Arlington Baptist College.

Mrs. Jennifer Purdy

Jennifer Purdy

In 1974, Jennifer first fell in love with the idea of becoming a teacher. After moving schools over Thanksgiving break of that year, her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Foster inspired her.  Soon, she began piano lessons in the small town of Riesel and fell in love with music. In junior high and high school, she joined the marching and concert band.  Learning to play the clarinet, her love for music continued to grow.  Continuing her piano lessons, she learned to play all variations of the clarinet, saxophone, and Timpani drums.

After graduation high school and attending junior college, Jennifer moved to Arlington, Texas, to pursue her degree in teaching. Her love for music never died as she would continue to play for joy.  She married her love, Scott, in 1989 and began teaching in 1991.  After teaching for five years, she became a stay-at-home mom to her son Mitchell and daughter Emily.  She entered the teaching field again in 2001 and taught for two years before being called to home school her children.  This is where her love for sharing her passion for music began.  Starting with six  piano students, she began praying for ten.  She felt that would be a good number to handle with home schooling.  God heard her prayer and blessed her with twenty students.  Her philosophy for teaching is to share her passion for the love of music and to help enhance her students' God-given talents. She now continues to teach piano along with 7th grade English at Grapevine Faith Christian School.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor's of English Education (1991) from University of Texas at Arlington.

Mrs. Sarah Hazelwood
Sarah Hazelwood

Sarah walked through the living room of her family’s old farm house in Tennessee when she noticed her grandmother chatting with Aunt Doris. As a perceptive five year old, she remembered that her aunt taught other children piano lessons. Always admiring her grandmother’s hymn playing on their old upright piano, Sarah decided it was her turn and asked for piano lessons.

She continued practicing daily and early on decided to pursue a career in music. She took on accompanying jobs at her high school and local church as well as teaching piano lessons to her cousins and friends to get experience. Through her piano teacher’s studio, she performed in MTNA piano festivals and competitions to sharpen her performance skills. 

After being accepted at Carson-Newman, Sarah chose to pursue a Bachelor’s of Music in Piano Performance. It was during her time there that she truly felt the call to teach piano and found joy in sharing music with others. She has taught and maintained a private piano studio for the past nine years. In recent years, she has performed with the Knoxville Choral Society, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Carson Newman A Cappella Choir and served on staff in churches and community choirs as solo pianist and accompanist.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s of Music in Piano Performance (2012) from Carson Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee.