My History


  • I'm the oldest of 4 children
  • Dad was a Pilot in Air Force
  • Mom was a flower child
  • Dad died when I was 12 (the day after Father's Day)
  • The Pastor who led me to Jesus got me drunk one night and likely molested me.


  • Mom abandoned me when I was 18 (1st year of college)
  • Mom joined a cult, when this happened
  • Youngest brother and sister were taken into a cult
  • Still there today, though they talk to us now
  • My Mom was incarcerated for a year for having chained my sister to the floor of their cult home.
  • Mom still has not met my daughters. She won't talk to us to this day
  • Several of the senior Pastor's I've served either did not like me, my music, my public prayers or my worship leading.
  • I finally got honest with myself and my many disappointments, just this year.

My Testimony

Papa saved my life when I was 5
- Michigan blizzard

Papa brought my into salvation, just prior to ruin:
- saved @ 16, all my friends became drug addicts

Papa brough my family into the Kingdom, just prior to ruin:
- My Mom, both my brothers and sister all confessed Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord prior to joining the cult.

Papa paid for my higher education:
- full ride for BA Music @ OCU
- I was paid to do my Master's of Music

Papa gave me the bride of my dreams
- Met Jessica on the rebound
- Didn't know what "Mrs. Right" looked like for me then, and I'm more glad every day

Papa gave me two healthy, happy daughters
- Emily cessarian, but NICU
- Hannah, natural birth

Papa brought gave me the mantle of worship leadership
- I have been an ordained as Worship Pastor (twice) and served in the are of worsip as full-time, part-time Pastor and as volunteer for 28 years.
- I have written several hundred songs and musical works.

Papa gave me my dream of touring
- once, in college (as a drummer/percussionist)
- once, after being fired as Worship Pastor (singer/songwriter)

Papa gave me freedom from addiction
- Deliverance minstry @ 42

Papa gave me the Gift of healing
- once in worship
- several times, leading others to be delivered
- several times, immediate healing

Papa gave me a close friend as a Senior Pastor
- we had worship time together
- we co-wrote an amazing song together

Papa gave me a business with 7 contractors
- third business startup
- Started with 7 contractors