2022 RockPrep Teacher Faves

We love our RockPrep Teachers! We put together the following page so you will know how to bless them best!

Tammy Burrows

BirthdayAugust 6
Fave Color(s)green
Fave Scentsvanilla or lemon
Fave RestaurantsSalt Grass, Sonic, Canes
Fave StoresAmazon, Target, Lowes
Fave things with familyescape rooms, movies
Fave chocolate, candy, treatsMounds, Dark chocolate covered
anything except raisins
Fave flower/plantpetunias
Fave Hobbies/Interestsreading, music
Fave foodburgers, Mexican food
Fave musicCasting Crowns, Lauren Daigle
Fave books/authorsCorrie ten Boom, Karen Kingsbury,
CS Lewis
Fave Collectiblesn/a
Fave sports teamn/a
Love to shop for...landscaping items, annuals, etc.
Teaching space special needsn/a
Allergies / aversionsI do not like berry, floral scents
as in lotion/hand sanitizers
Other infon/a

Vicki Guess

BirthdayFebruary 28
Fave Color(s)turquoise and earth tones
Fave ScentsKai - Gardenia
Fave RestaurantsSalt Grass, Fish City Grill
Fave StoresDillards, Hobby Lobby
Fave things with familyGo to the movie
Fave chocolate, candy, treatsSalty snacks, pecan turtles
Fave flower/plantDaisies, geraniums, ivy. -most flowers
Fave Hobbies/InterestsMost things art
Fave foodn/a
Fave musicn/a
Fave books/authorsn/a
Fave CollectiblesArt supplies
Fave sports teamOSU cowboys
Love to shop for...Art supplies and plants
Teaching space special needsn/a
Allergies / aversionsn/a
Other infon/a

Jennifer Purdy

BirthdayOctober 17
Fave Color(s)Barn Yard Red and Navy
Fave Scentsn/a
Fave RestaurantsChick-Fil-A
Fave StoresTarget; JJill
Fave things with familyHike
Fave chocolate, candy, treatsChocolate
Fave flower/plantn/a
Fave Hobbies/InterestsSewing
Fave foodn/a
Fave musicn/a
Fave books/authorsn/a
Fave Collectiblesn/a
Fave sports teamMavericks
Love to shop for...Clothes; home furnishings
Teaching space special needsn/a
Allergies / aversionsn/a
Other infon/a

Cathryn McHenry

BirthdayJanuary 20
Fave Color(s)Sage and melon
Fave ScentsVanilla, amber, perfumes
Fave RestaurantsI like to try new things.
I love Thai, Mediterranean, seafood…
Fave StoresSweet Water, Guitar Center, Amazon, Michael’s
Fave things with familyPlay music
Fave chocolate, candy, treatsEnglish toffee, white
and milk chocolates, Reese’s
Fave flower/plantDaffodils, lavender
Fave Hobbies/InterestsMusic, painting, cake decorating,
writing, decorating, literally anything creative
Fave foodSalmon, sweet potatoes,
French fries
Fave musicJazz, 90s
Fave books/authorsGraham Cooke audiobooks
Fave CollectiblesNo but I like perfume and jewelry
Fave sports teamn/a
Love to shop for...Music equipment
and house decorations
Teaching space special needsn/a
Allergies / aversionsWheat and dairy (chocolate is ok)
Other infon/a

Mikayla Martin

BirthdayFebruary 12
Fave Color(s)Blue
Fave ScentsLavender, Eucalyptus
Fave RestaurantsChipotle, Chick fil a, Pluckers
Fave StoresTarget, Starbucks,
Guitar Center
Fave things with familyn/a
Fave chocolate, candy, treatsM and Ms, Sour Patch Kids,
Milky way, Popcorn
Fave flower/plantDaisy
Fave Hobbies/InterestsGuitar, basketball
Fave foodPopcorn, potato chips,
Fave musicClassic rock
Fave books/authorsJohn Green, any music
memoir or biography
Fave Collectiblesn/a
Fave sports teamDallas Mavericks
Love to shop for...n/a
Teaching space special needsn/a
Allergies / aversionsGluten free
Other infon/a

Jessica Kirby

BirthdayFebruary 26
Fave Color(s)Purple!
Fave Scentsnot sure...flowery ones?
Vanilla, citrus
Fave RestaurantsChristina's, Red Robin, Chili's
Fave StoresAmazon, Walmart, Kohls
Fave things with familymovies and dinner
Fave chocolate, candy, treatstempt me not!!
Fave flower/plantSomething I can easily keep alive!
I love anything with bright colors!
Fave Hobbies/InterestsGoing to see musical theater,
Broadway shows, crafting
Fave foodUm...yes. I like food.
Mexican is always a winner,
Fave musicBroadway, Cinematic movie music
Fave books/authorsmysteries-- Koontz type,
but like exploring different
authors--Love Bob Goff books!
Fave Collectiblesnope---just something else
to dust :)
Fave sports teammore of an artsy type
Love to shop for...home decor
Teaching space special needsNope! I am blessed!
Allergies / aversionsn/a
Other infon/a

Jamie Kirby

BirthdayOctober 10
Fave Color(s)Green
Fave ScentsRosemary
Fave RestaurantsCosta Vida
Fave StoresAmazon
Fave things with familyMovies
Fave chocolate, candy, treatsChocolate and caramel
Fave flower/plantRosemary
Fave Hobbies/InterestsWoodworking, graphic art, downhill skiing
Fave foodPizza
Fave musicSoundtracks, Symphonic Classical
Fave books/authorsJack Carr
Fave Collectiblesn/a
Fave sports teamDallas Cowboys
Love to shop for...n/a
Teaching space special needsn/a
Allergies / aversionsn/a
Other infon/a